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Part 7: Skin Reaction
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Side effects accompanying the permanent makeup treatment:
Pain effect.
Depends on the person’s pain sensitivity, as well as on the emotional state of the person during the treatment, which could be affected by fear or irritating factors during the treatment. Permanent makeup involves the mandatory use of anaesthetics specially designed for this treatment.
Small blood vessels and capillaries can be traumatized during the treatment. Excessive bleeding can be triggered by the use of technical remedies with a high traumatism level (induction machines, low quality device, low quality needles). Excessive bleeding could be observed during the lips treatment. Anaesthetics with haemostatic properties (Instant Numb, Blue Eyes), epinephrine should be used in order to reduce bleeding.
More or less accompanies every permanent makeup treatment. Normally can last from one hour to two days depending on the area of exposure. The most excessive edema is observed on the eyelids and lips (especially when using injection anaesthesia);
Possible Organism Reactions
Allergic reaction
Spontaneous defensive reaction of the body accompanied by edema, flushing, itching, sometimes with respiratory depression. Could be caused by a pigment or anaesthetics. Allergy is a reversible reaction, It can cause serious consequences without serious measures taken at the right time.
Post-traumatic conjunctivitis
Sometimes not very intensive, accompanied by itching, burning, feeling of a foreign body beyond the eyelid, could also be accompanied by a significant purulent discharge. Often occurs because of the outdoor activities in cold or windy weather immediately after the treatment;
Lips area herpes
It appears as an exacerbation of a viral infection present in the body. The chance of herpes appearance could be significantly reduced by prophylactic use of anti-herpes remedies after the treatment
Blood circulatory disturbances
occurs during the treatment, caused by a strong emotional tension. Symptoms are: pallor, dizziness, sweating, nausea. You need to put the client the way that his legs are above his chest, calm him down, cool your forehead. Handling properly, that will end in a few minutes.
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