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The online course CSHMR brows is a bridge to your goals and dreams. It will completely change your perception of hairstrokes technique and help you to overcome all your fears of the complex, however highly demanded technique in the world of permanent makeup.

Our online course is not just a training, it’s a blend of innovation and creativity, making it unique and incomparable in our industry.
Search for the new, don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Be the source of change that the whole world strives for!


Episode 1: Human Aspects


The course is suitable for both beginner level masters looking to acquire new skills and experienced professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in the permanent makeup sphere.
Our course is presented in an online format, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You will have an access to video lessons, demonstrations, exercises, and additional materials to successfully master the technique.
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an official electronic certificate confirming your knowledge and skills in the field of “Hair Stroke” permanent makeup technique.
The CSHMR Brows course consists of several modules, each requiring a specific amount of time to master. The total completion time of the course depends on your learning pace but typically ranges from several weeks to two months.
Absolutely! You can start with one package and upgrade it to a more advanced one at any time if you wish to access additional materials and support.
Each course package provides a specific amount of time for completion, which may be several months or a year, depending on the package chosen. We offer limited-time access to the materials to motivate students to actively engage in learning and complete the course on time. The access to the course will be available for 6 months.
We limit the number of spots in the course to ensure individual attention to each student and quality education. The number of available spots is limited, and once filled, sales period will end. We recommend not delaying your decision and registering promptly not to miss the opportunity to join the course.
Our course is available in six different languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. This allows students from different countries and cultures to access education in their native language.
Yes, all main materials, including video lessons, study materials, and instructions, will be available in all six languages. We strive to ensure full understanding and learning comfort for all our students, regardless of their language preference.
Online mentor meetings will be conducted in two languages: Russian and English. This will allow students from different countries and language groups to communicate with mentors in their native language or in English if more convenient.
Skipping course modules may result in incomplete understanding of the material and missing important skills and knowledge. Each course module is a crucial link in the learning chain, and mastering it is necessary for successfull education.
Our learning platform tracks students’ progress and indicates which modules have been completed and which are yet to be completed. You will be able to see your progress and ensure that all course modules have been successfully completed. Upon completion of the training, a certificate will be issued to you.
Yes, Course Package #3 (Advanced) requires a strict schedule and includes online meetings with Oksana Martynenko. This allows students to receive additional guidance and support from experienced mentors in real time. Package #4 has an individual schedule.

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