BASIC Course – online video – part 5

Part 5: Workplace organization
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General requirements to the premises:
Basic requirements to the workplace.
Workplace for dealing with permanent makeup should include:
Work table is covered with a medical napkin (should be changed after each client), a sterile disposable napkin is placed on the top – everything that is needed for a certain client is placed on it and will be thrown away (disposed) after the treatment. All the surfaces which are touched by a hand in a glove stained with blood (a lamp, bottles with creams, a can of antiseptic, a machine, etc.) have to be protected by a food film. It is also convenient to use small plastic bags
Mostly used items and consumables should be placed on the upper tier:
Items and consumable which are used periodically are placed on the middle tier of the working table:
The lowest tier is used for storing:
Clean and well-organized workplace of a professional immediately shows the client the level of qualifications and thoroughness of the work of its owner.
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