Individual masterclass in Tallinn

Your bridge to possible
Individual MasterClass
in Tallinn
Theory online
10-14 days before the offline meeting
Duration 1.5-2 hours
Skin types
basis of work, analysis

Selection of needles
diameter, sharpening, soldering

adaptation to technique

operating speed range

Hair structure

OMG pigments, work with one, two or three colours
Step-by-step analysis of 3 schemes
standard, modern, asian

It is MANDATORY to complete before an offline meeting
Practice offline
Day 1
Location: OMG Universe Studio, Tallinn
Duration 8 hours
Hand positioning

Hatches variety

Practice on latex

Adaptation of hand to hatches

Adaptation of hatches to the hair type

The author’s method of drawing hairstrokes

The secret of 100% pigment remains

Various scheme practice on latex
Practice offline
Day 2
Location: OMG Universe Studio, Tallinn
Duration 8 hours
Practice on two models under the thorough guidance of Oksana Martynenko

There is no need to search for models, we will take care of it for you!
Secrets of photo art
Light staging & finding perfect angle
Phone settings
Secrets of photo editing
useful applications
functionality analysis
Personal promo Reels video
Photos for your portfolio
Graduation certificate
Education cost:


+ 22% VAT

Register for the masterclass

Register for the masterclass

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