BASIC Course -online video – part 4

Part 4: Client Consultation
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Time for a treatment should be planned in a way that will allow the client to follow the post-procedural rules. Visiting theatres, discos, bars and any other public places immediately after the treatment are not recommended. During a personal conversation it is important to understand what does the client want and what are his thoughts about permanent make-up. Tips and suggestions should be mostly taken positively.

If the wishes of the customer about the colour or form are very extravagant, you can always decide whether to carry out such a work or abandon it. Experience shows that clients who firmly defend their opinion, contrary to all the rules of make-up, colouristic, healthy taste and logic, change their opinion very quickly and will soon come again in order to change their shape and colour.

Such an extravagant make-up could be judged as your low qualification and skills by a side observer and that kind of a negative advertisement is definitely not what you need.
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