BASIC Course -online video – part 9

Part 9: First Aid
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It is recommended to take a first aid course!
If the client feels a slight malaise or dizziness, it is necessary to provide first aid, at least calm the client, seat him, give him water. If he has lost consciousness, you can give him a sniff of ammonia. A diseased person should take a horizontal position – not on a pillow, but on a smooth flat service, legs should be a bit higher than the head. Head should be turned on a side.

If the client’s condition does not improve, CALL an ambulance! Describe the patient’s condition and your previous actions to the dispatcher in as much detail as possible. Do not hide anything, remember – a person’s life depends on that!

Clearly follow the instructions of the dispatcher until the ambulance arrives, do not take any actions and decisions on your own!

And remember, you are not allowed to give any medication to a client!
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